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QQKeno: Online Lottery Review

If you are familiar with playing lottery games over time, QQKeno is one name that intrigues you for trying with real money. It is a popular lottery game today, offering prizes and payouts based on number gaming and selection of different ranges. Keno is a game coming up with French influence and has roots based in China. The term Keno means “Quine,” meaning 5 winning numbers.

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Earn Lightning Profit With QQKeno Online Lottery Game

Keno’s influence became more relevant, where history says the game was played in China as a part of a Fundraiser for building the Great Wall of China. However, everything changed as China initially stopped the game, where all lotteries were banned. From the year 1847, certain operators got hold of the approval from Macao to slowly re-instating the game back into records.

Soon, gambling in this game became a lot easier with decent capital offering an opportunity to score more wins. A player today can expect a fast draw under 30 seconds, and the instant bet reward is encashed. The maximum a punter could score is a whopping 14 million with QQKeno.


Betting Markets

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Betting markets for QQKeno are available in countries like Australia, Slovakia, Beijing, Malta, and Canada. They allow offers that cannot be ignored. A variety of markets ranges from the 30s, 60s, 90s, and 120s.

While these may look time-consuming, on the other hand, QQKeno is a relatively faster variant taking about 30 seconds. Suited for the professional gamblers, expecting to complete the bets or try more markets at the given phase.


Betting Types

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Big and Small: While considering the large and small variations, QQKeno offers you a game of guessing the overall value of 20 numbers issued in the round of games. This requires guessing the number, whether it is large or small, over a given range specification. For the value of 20 output numbers falling anywhere between 210 and 809, the net result is small. If the value ranges from 811 to 1410, the net result is speculated as large (big).

Even and Odd: These are among the popular betting types offered in this online lottery Malaysia game. Comparatively easier, the players require guessing a total valuation of 20 bets, whether it is odd or even.

Upper Middle Lower: These are 3 different bets, which require understanding the structure of Keno game rounds. Although, only the range matters in each of these bets, the markets are relatively at a closer range. Therefore,

o   With over 10 balls ranging from 01 to 40, the outcome is top

o   With over 10 balls ranging from 41 to 80, the outcome is middle

o   Anything above 81 is considered low

Odd: This is calculated with 20 output balls, with values greater than 811 and an odd value. The outcome is called an Odd Amount.

Small: The total values of 20 output balls, with values equal to 810 or lesser, and the value is Odd, the result is Small Odd.

Even: When the total value of 20 output balls is more than 811, and the value is Even, the outcome is an Even Number.

Small: For the total value of 20 output balls, equal to 810 or lesser, with the value being Even, the outcome is known as Small Even.

Gold: The net value of the 20 outcome balls falls in a range of 210 to 695.

Wood: The net value of the 20 outcome balls fall in a range of 696 to 763.

Water: The overall value of the 20 outcome balls fall in a range of 764 to 855.

Fire: The overall value of the 20 outcome balls range from 856 to 923.

Land: The total value of the 20 outcome balls ranges from 924 to 1410.

Draw: If the total value of 20 balls is exactly 810, it results in a Tie.


How to Play QQ Keno?

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It is not rocket science with hard rules on learning QQKeno and Bingo games. With this game, there are about 80 numbers where you can start betting from 01 to 80 values. However, the actual catch for starters comes in the form of a 2-minutes Keno round.

This makes life easier for the gamblers and reduces their anxiety about completing the round. They can play with no tension of losing at the beginning of the game. While betting takes place, the round begins with 20 numbers, and a win is calculated on the outcome number, which you might have predicted. This also includes all the bet types that you have predicted perfectly.

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Site Interface

Online Casino Malaysia BK8 offers the QQKeno platform, suiting perfect stability and compatibility of all the users, irrespective of the machines they own. The RWD interface design talks volumes about the interface where the betting mode is simplified for the players.

Using state-of-the-art technology, backed with HTML5, increases the probability of allowing gamblers to try from mobile devices and bet with different compatible devices. Although for QQKeno and online lottery Malaysia-based games, the players require clicking a button and moving the betting chip values to place one.

Moreover, a market filter is available, helping the gamblers to filter out the markets and rounds that may not suit the player’s convenience and pick a cleaner and refreshing market as well.


Customer Support

Gamers linked with BK8 and QQKeno might face hurdles while registering an account with the site. It requires verification from the casino provider, which is important while considering the latest deposit and withdrawal methods.

All these issues can be addressed via a Live Chat option, where the site representatives are available to solve your query. Even the likes of WhatsApp messages at the registered mobile number help to address the issue. In the end, new gamblers seeking information based on bonus offers and promotions can visit the promotion menu after registration to know more about the offers.


Languages Supported

While talking about languages, Simplified Mandarin and English are available as the main languages. In addition to these, other Asian languages such as Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian are also supported in this game. This helps locals from each nation to make their perfect gamble pick out of the QQKeno lottery system.


Concluding Thoughts

QQKeno is an interesting lottery game available across the gambling market. The game has an easy-to-understand betting interface with different challenging modes and caters for all types of gamblers.

The salient feature of the game is, that the players can open a full and detailed copy of the lottery results to view the records and build a concrete strategy. With fast betting and interesting bonus offers, you can earn a lightning profit with QQKeno and build your empire.


Last Update: 27 July 2022

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