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MicroGaming Online Casino Review

MicroGaming is an online gaming software supplier since 1994 when they claimed to have developed the world’s earliest online casino software. Also followed by the earliest mobile casino software a decade later in 2004. The headquarter of MicroGaming is located on the Isle of Man, an island in the middle of the Irish Sea. Sixty Two is their headquarters which was officially opened on the 31st of July in 2017.


microgaming online casino review


MicroGaming is also one of the founding members of eCOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) which are a testing agency and player protection and standards organization based in London and approved by the international community. This shows that they are not just a company that cares solely about profit but also cares about their operators, players, and games as they played a part in setting the standard and regulations in fair and responsible gaming.

microgaming playitforward

Not only that, their CSR initiative, otherwise known as MicroGaming PlayItForward, was launched as a way to give back to the local community, to help deal with the various critical aspects faced by the community such as education, health, and sports.

A very progressive commitment by MicroGaming worth noting is their commitment to embracing diversity. Their goal is to cultivate a business that is inclusive and forward-looking, established on their long-term investment in diverse ideas, skills, and experiences from people of all backgrounds. Their diversity statement is that inclusion and innovation go hand in hand.

Over 800 of the world’s gaming brand leaders have their software supplied by MicroGaming. Brands such as ECLBet, me88, bet365, LeoVegas, CasinoSaga, and come on! are some of the notable examples included in their portfolio.


MicroGaming Studios

MicroGaming works with a lot of new independent game studios exclusively. This is done to make sure that better innovation and choices can be introduced into the market, ensuring that only the best gaming experience is provided to their operators and players. Some of the studios they work with include Alchemy Gaming, Neon Valley Studios, Game Burger Studios, Switch Studios, and Pulse 8 Studios among many more.


Awards Won By MicroGaming

Their software has won numerous awards and is supplied around the world to various notable gaming operators. Among some of the awards that they have received throughout the years include the ERG B2B awards in which they have received a minimum of 1 award every single year from 2010 to 2019.

microgaming awards

Their poker network and games alone have won 8 awards from ERG B2B. They have also received numerous awards from Global Gaming Awards, Spark the Change, Awards for Excellence, The International Gaming Awards, National Technology Awards, and many more.

MicroGaming has the largest progressive jackpot network in the world. More than €1 billion has been paid out in total to date. A Guinness World Record title was achieved by MicroGaming for the “Largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine game” in which a sum of €17,879,645.12 was won by a Betway UK player from just a 25p spin.

Live Casino – ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

microgaming live casino

MicroGaming has added live casino games to its portfolio in order to further enhance the gambling experience players desire and by doing so, players get a closer experience of gambling in real-life casinos. Live Baccarat, Live Sic Bo, and Live Roulette are some of the live games that are offered by MicroGaming. Live casino games often get confusing as there are too many things going on in the interface, especially when played on a device with a smaller screen.

microgaming live baccarat

However, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the live casino games offered by MicroGaming as the interface is simplistic and has a sleek look to it which really adds to the experience. The features offered are also really convenient and easy to navigate. This is definitely one of the best live casino experiences that we have tried out in a while.


Products – ☆☆☆(5/5)

Their featured products include MicroGaming casino, poker, and bingo. Operators looking for state-of-the-art gaming software should definitely opt for MicroGaming software as they provide easy access on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Access to all of MicroGaming’s games and products only required installation and it can be configured according to the various needs of operators. Some of their most famous slot games include Terminator 2™, Jurassic Park™, Game of Thrones™ and Bridesmaids™.

MicroGaming releases new games every month and its platform hosts the biggest jackpot network in the world. Various in-game settings can be adjusted with just a click. Here are some of the games we tried out on their websites and what we think of them.


Slot games – ☆☆(4/5)

Terminator 2™

microgaming terminator

The Terminator 2™ game gives players the option to choose the coin size, the number of coins, and the total betting amount before starting a game. A total winning indicator is also shown to let players keep track of how much they have won.

After choosing the betting size, players can either spin manually each time or go for the auto-play option. The number of times of auto-play can be chosen by the player as well so that they will not have to click dozens of times manually. The immersive music definitely enhances the player’s experience as well. Free spins will be awarded when 3 to 5 “scatters” are obtained in a spin.


Jurassic World™

microgaming jurassic world

Jurassic World™ is another notable slot game by MicroGaming. Jurassic Park fans will be in for a treat as their favorite characters and dinosaurs from the movie are featured in this game. The mechanics are similar to the Terminator 2™ game.


Zombie Hoard

microgaming zombie hoard

For those looking for variety, there are even slot games that are zombie-themed. One such game is Zombie Hoard. In this slot game, wins are paid from left to right with the exception of “Scatter” which pays in any direction. Wins are all multiplied by the bet per line with the exception of “Scatter”.

Players are only paid for the highest win per line. Free spins can be won in this game in a few ways. Getting 3 or more “Scatters” will award players with free spins. Collecting 30 brain tokens will also trigger free spins. For the free spins, every win will be multiplied by two and the betting amount in free spins will be based on the average betting amount of the player thus far.



microgaming halloween

Horror fans looking for a spooky twist can look no further as MicroGaming has a slot game themed after the famous 1978 Halloween movie. The creepy background music will surely send chills down your spine as well as increase the suspense as players anxiously wait for the outcome of their spin.

Players can even choose between enhanced or basic graphics settings to further enhance the overall gaming experience. All these aspects combined will without a doubt keep players hooked for hours on end without even realizing how much time has passed.


Thunderstruck II

microgaming Thunderstruck 2

Even Norse mythology fans are in for a treat as there is a slots game themed after it called Thunderstruck II. The famous god of thunder Thor, Valkyries, Odin, and even Asgard are featured in this game. If players manage to unlock the Great Hall of Spins, more features will be available in the game.

There is also a wild storm feature that activates randomly in the game for fortunate players to stumble upon, which will definitely keep the game from feeling stale even after long hours of gameplay as there is always a rare occurrence waiting to happen. The epic atmospheric music featured in this game definitely builds up the suspense as players make a spin and hope for the best outcome.

We were truly impressed by the large variety of themes offered for slots games by MicroGaming. Even niche fandoms will not be disappointed by the collection of games offered by them. 

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Table Games – ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

Poker Games 

microgaming all aces poker

All Aces Poker is one of the many poker games developed by MicroGaming. In this game, 5 cards will immediately be dealt with the player. The player will have the option to hold as many cards as desired and then by clicking on the “deal” button the cards not held will be dealt with again. The payout for Jacks and the above pairs are 1x, two pairs also have a payout of 1x.

Three of a kind will have a payout of 3x while a Straight is 4x and a Flush is 5x. Getting a Full House gives players a payout of 7x while the payout for Four of a kind ranges from 50x to 100x. Getting four Aces will give players 400 times of their initial bet amount while a straight flush gives a whopping 600 times their initial bet. Finally, obtaining the envied Royal Flush will reward players with 800 times what they initially bet. Players can choose their betting amount by adjusting the number of coins and the coin size.



microgaming poker pursuit

Poker Pursuit is a poker game that has slightly different gameplay in which 3 cards are dealt with the player first. Players are given the choice to call or raise depending on how favourable the cards dealt are. By either raising or calling, the next card will then be dealt with the player and once again the choice of either calling or raising is given to the player.

The final card will then be dealt with after the choice is made and the turn ends with either the player winning or not. The payout amount is listed on top of the cards so that it is easy for players to decide how much to bet.


Roulette Games

microgaming sapphire roulette

Sapphire roulette is an immersive roulette game developed by MicroGaming. It animates the actual roulette wheel and ball which gives players the actual feel of playing real-life roulette as the ball spins and slows down. The interface imitates that of a real-life roulette table as well and players are able to place bets on it just as they do in a land-based casino. There is even the voice of a croupier announcing the results which makes the experience even more realistic than it already is.


microgaming french roulette

French roulette has a similar interface as well but with a few extra features. There are even expert and regular modes for different levels of roulette players. In the expert mode, players can select the “Edit layout” button and customize the layout according to each of their preferences. For both modes, players can autoplay, undo, redo, clear, or even repeat moves which will definitely make the experience smoother and easier to manage. The autoplay settings also have a few constraints that can be controlled by the player. The number of spins and the number of seconds between spins can be selected for players with different reaction times. Players can also select when spins stop depending on winning conditions or losing conditions. This feature will definitely help players cut their losses even if they are away and unable to micromanage the game.

We believe that roulette lovers will definitely not be let down by the roulette games that MicroGaming has to offer. The interface truly simulates the feel of a real-life roulette game and the betting mechanics is also designed to be easy to use. 



microgaming mayan bingo

Mayan Bingo is one of the bingo games offered by MicroGaming. Players can choose to play with 1 to 4 cards according to their liking. After choosing the betting amount, players can click the play button and balls will be randomly drawn and the numbers drawn will be automatically crossed out on the scratch cards. This will save the player’s time as they have no need to manually cross out the numbers which also often results in missing out on some numbers which might cost them a win. If players get bingo in any of the cards, an option of buying an extra ball is given which will cost extra credits. Players feeling lucky can choose to proceed to buy another ball to attempt at winning more.


microgaming super bonus bingo

Super Bingo Bonus has different gameplay in which players select between 2 to 10 numbers and then by hitting the play button 20 random numbers are drawn and depending on how many of the selected numbers are drawn, players will be awarded different amounts of payouts. A repeat bet feature is also available for players who want to keep betting with the same set of numbers. If players win, they will be given an option to play a bonus game for a chance to further increase their winnings. In this bonus game, 2 extra balls will be drawn.

We found that the features included in MicroGaming’s Bingo games are convenient yet not too complicated to figure out. Those looking for quick bingo games should give it a try as some people are usually turned off by the impression that bingo games take a while to complete.


Blackjack Casino Games

microgaming european blackjack

European Blackjack is a 1v1 blackjack game that pays 3 to 2 and insurance pays 2 to 1. Players insert the betting amount and click the deal button and will be dealt with 2 cards. The option of either standing or hitting is then given to the player and in the case of the dealer receiving an Ace, players are given the option of whether they want to go for the insurance option. The surrender option is not available in this game. For players who are unfamiliar with the game rules, fret not as the game rules are written in the menu tab of the game. The interface is simple and minimalistic which is easy to navigate even for the elderly who might not be too tech-savvy.


microgaming atlantic blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold is another blackjack game offered by MicroGaming. Its interface is quite similar to European Blackjack, but it allows players the option to surrender once players are dealt with their cards. This game will be more suitable for players who like to play it more safely as they get to keep half of the initial bet if they choose to surrender. The insurance option is available as well for players if the dealer gets an Ace.


Multi Hand - Perfect Pairs European Blackjack Gold

Multi-Hand – Perfect Pairs European Blackjack Gold is a blackjack game that pays 3 to 2. Turbo mode can be selected to speed up the process. A dealer’s voice will also announce the sum of your card values which enhances the gaming experience. Its design and interface are also very minimalistic which makes it easy to navigate and get used to. The surrender option is not available for this game. There is also no background music so that players can focus on the game and not be distracted.


Read our casino guide on Blackjack now!


Integration & Accessibility – ☆☆☆ (5/5)

MicroGaming software is designed to integrate smoothly with third-party systems. A wide variety of games can be accessed with just a single point of integration. Interested parties can meet up with their experts, their casino will then be built and integrated. The product is then tested and serviced, and a local account manager will take control of the product. Promotions and recommendations will be made, training is also provided if demanded. Most importantly, 24/7 round the clock support is provided, so there is no need to worry if anything goes wrong.


Interface and Gaming Features – ☆☆ (4/5)

The interface for MicroGaming’s games is very easy to get used to and even players who do not know how to play the games will be able to pick up the games rather quickly due to the smooth learning curve. It is not over complicated thus it is suitable for even the less tech-savvy crowd to get used to. Customizable settings make it even better for players who have specific preferences when it comes to gaming. Its games do not require high-end specifications as well which makes it accessible to those who do not have expensive gaming laptops or high-end phones.


Platforms – ☆☆☆ (5/5)

MicroGaming software and games are available on both PC and mobile, even offering them in download, no-download, and live forms. 25 different languages are offered for their software, making it accessible to various countries around the world. Its main software which requires download offers up to over 600 games once it is installed on a PC or a Mac.



We are convinced that MicroGaming is definitely one of the best examples of how an online gaming software developer should operate. With its commitment to fair and responsible gaming as well as diversity and inclusivity, we have no doubt that it is an ethical company that genuinely believes in providing the best that it can for its players, operators, as well as its community. Boasting a large collection of games as well as amazing in-game features, it is definitely a force to be reckoned with within the industry.


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Last Update: 27 July 2022

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