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Exploring iGaming World from Inplay Matrix’s Multiplayer Platform

The modern gaming community is living in the golden era of technology and innovation. Inplay Matrix is a name you may have hard in the gaming world offering high-end products for esports betting in Asia. The company has been keen on providing top-quality games, and multiplayer tournaments to players globally. They have been looking at diverse specializations in the iGaming industry. The firm is conceptualizing and partnering with various other titles in Sportsbook, slots, IM Esports, Live casino, Board games, IM GameZone, and different categories.

im esports online casino review

They even have curated their single API technology of IM One. The end-to-end white label solution of King White Label is also another product that has been reaping great benefits.

The firm has been partnering with top vendors too to ensure their client casinos get the best and the most intriguing solutions for their end-users or players. Since the market is full of gamers from countries like Malaysia and the rest of Asia, the software designers at Inplay Matrix are catering to these countries specifically, too. These are great at stoking up the excitement quotient of these players.


Inplay Matrix Partners

Talking of partners, they have partnered with top game providers for different gaming titles. These partners include Playtech, SA Gaming, Asia Gaming, Sun Bet, NetEnt, bbin, LE Gaming, IDN Play, SpadeGaming, Red Tiger, and more.

iGaming is a vast industry, and there is no denying it. When casinos made the switch to online, they opened up more avenues that even they might not have imagined. Earlier people had to travel to play in casinos. Now, they can access a few casinos on the other side of their country from home and bet.  

Considering this development, even countries are now going liberal and are legalizing gambling. It has been the biggest motivation ever, not just for slot gamers or for table games but even for esports. Inplay Matrix has several categories, of which E-Sports is currently a hot trend.


What is IM Esports?

Inplay Matrix is famous for offering unmatched services and products only from the most reliable game developers. E-Sports is a billion-dollar industry where one can check out the best games played by top international players in competitions. These could be the most prominent virtual play-offs between teams from across the world on titles like Fortnite, Counter-Strike GO, Call of Duty, and more of these familiar titles.

im esports banner

E-sports competition is of professional players trying their luck playing it on multiplayer modes and competing with global champions. They can do it by playing individually or as teams. These organized video game competitions exist since the middle of the 2000s and have gotten tremendous responses from the players.

On live streaming, the players can enjoy most of these hugely popular titles with ease. The challenging world of online games keeps on growing with different games and newer levels of competitiveness. Yes, it is a gold mine for the winners and the sponsors alike! Inplay Matrix makes this experience more engaging, and with high-paying rewards, it is undoubtedly drawing increased attention every year.


International Esports Events

The games and the events in esports get massive reception worldwide. As many as 380 Million people watch these events globally, and this is not even the tip of the iceberg. The Esports offers gamers hyper-realistic features allowing them to immerse themselves in first-person shooter games or even in adventure or strategizing games. The majority of the players are from North America and the Asian countries of South Korea and China.

If you ask whether this fanfare is as big as the regular gaming championships- the answer is it is as much if not more for sure! Consider understanding the charm of these e-sports games by just checking the sponsors they get. Companies like Disney XD and other leaders are taking path-breaking partnerships just for these esports events. While many may argue that real sports events have legends, esports developers have even considered that.


Games Included On IM Esports – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

Companies have also started looking at setting up their league matches and tournaments where multiple players can win various levels and scale up. NBA has done that with the NBA 2K. You may want to check out the best NBA Online Sports Betting.

Using similar concepts, Inplay Matrix is also bringing out such tournaments where gamers can make use of their strategies and gaming skills. Also, they get to earn huge money.

The games we can expect here for online game betting are CS GO, DOTA2, PUBG, and others. Besides these, try your luck in the other multiplayer titles like HearthStone, League Legends, Rocket League, World of Tank, FIFA, Warcraft, Arena of Valor, and more. Players can engage in many tournaments and over 100s of matches from  Inplay Matrix e-sports. As many as 10,000 and more odds markets are also available for them to participate in and make the most. Let us check a few of the famous titles in brief.


im esports dota 2

This Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) title from Valve has matches between two teams. Here each of the gamers has superpowers and characters. The game is when the players collect all the points with experience as they battle and even accessorize themselves with necessary ammunition and protective gear. The goal of the game is to defeat the other team’s Ancient structure. Once they can do this, they dominate and become the winners in DOTA 2 betting.



im esports csgo

Counter-Strike GO or Global Offensive is also a MOBA from Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. It came up in 2014 and had two teams of players fighting out against each other. The Terrorist team will plant the bomb while the counter-terrorists will try to find the bomb and save the hostages. The highlight of this CSGO betting is the Danger Zone, where things get riskier. Players can select the best and favourite CSGO teams to bet on in any competition. 


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG

im esports pubg

The battle royale game from PUBG Corporation has South Korean roots. The game has become a big hit among players globally. It has fetched many nominations for the Game of the Year as it also has in-game tools to buy more accessories and make it more entertaining.

Tournaments such as Epicenter, ESL, DOTA PIT, AAA THE SUMMIT, and other such names are here for the players.


IM Esports User Interface Design – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

The most significant benefit of going for CS GO betting, or any such esports Malaysia betting on esports is the ease. Technology is here to help you pick the games and bet online. The Inplay Matrix e-sports has a clear layout. The design offers complete match analysis along with player statistics too. It will give the players an upper edge over their competitors in the tournament.

As the site offers tournaments and lives international gaming events, being efficient in the real-time analysis is vital. Their up-to-date match records are enough to give you that relief of playing on a modern and fair playing ground. E-sports betting has today become a top-notch sector basically for providing the players with the same excitement that they can get from any live event. In that aspect, this real-time analysis and records matter.

im esports dashboard

Team performance is essential to track, and right from the time a team enters the match, they need to keep this in mind. When you play major tournaments in a team, you need to ensure the records of the teams are also on point. Even a slight variation in figures may prove to be fatal for an organization.

Highly competitive games such as these are definitely worth the time only if the esports Malaysia platform is reliable like Inplay Matrix. Here the live streaming is so fascinating a UI design that it works perfectly in time for you when you bet in-play.


IM Esports Betting Odds – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

The odds at Inplay Matrix are pretty decent and in healthy competition with the other platforms. It makes it an ideal choice for those seeking to bet in the sports and e-sports category.

When you look out for the games on any gaming platform, you also will look for instant bet settlement. This is what you can expect from Inplay Matrix as you go for esports betting. There is also a chance to get the lowest spread too in Asian gaming standards.

Many players may need proper bankroll management, and this is where the intelligent risk management tool here helps. The players without much idea about controlling the cash flow may overspend. Here, this Risk management tool can be of great use since it can prevent you from going overboard. There is a way to set the maximum spending limit to ensure you return home without making an irreparable loss.

The best reason for choosing the Inplay Matrix is the presence of localized markets and sporting content. It means you get a chance to pick from top local championships and tournaments on familiar grounds. It has been a boon for the Asian players who find it comfortable in playing titles relevant to betting in familiar teams.

im esports live esports

As league markets are significant, the responsibility of these game developers and gaming platforms is definitely to ensure they cater to every player. Some players want to bet on their favourite teams or scores only. In that case, such a localized content market helps.

However, that does not mean you can bet in only one or two markets. Pick from a combination of two diverse types of markets. It will give you a better understanding and can even help you strike a balance between a new market and a familiar one. It will also be a great stepping stone to an auspicious betting time.


Supported Currencies and Languages – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

Inplay Matrix does not just cater to the world of esports in Malaysia or elsewhere in Asia alone. Hence, they offer their products and services of complete automation and integration in esports in Simplified Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Traditional CH’ and English. It has opened the more significant potential to the gaming communities and casinos looking to integrate such a convenient platform into their casino.

As a company seeking to reach out and make the players enjoy more games of esports online, Inplay Matrix has excellent foresight. They have kept open their chances and their potential. They are open to accepting a wide range of currencies too. The supported currencies include Malaysian Ringgit, US Dollar, UK Pound, Euro, Yen, South Korean Won, South African Rand, Swedish Krone, New Zealand Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Denmark Krone, Hong Kong Dollar others. These just speak out loud about the ambitions the gaming developer has in store.

The overview of esports betting from the Inplay Matrix is that it is a great way to engage players. Its assortment of games and the platform’s ease all contribute to its success.

im esports languages and devices


Device Compatibility – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

The Inplay Matrix offers e-sports betting on a variety of devices. The gambling platform has been drawing punters from across all countries. Here the need arises to come up with a site where one can bet on any gadget. To start with, the gaming platform allows for customized integration to help casinos come up with easier delivery and reach.

Also, apart from this, many casinos ask for an integrated platform to fit their casino apps. These apps will be easy to download and play. This could be compatible with mobile, tablets, and desktops. The customers or the gamers will be able to play the games without downloading too. All they will need to do is to log in from the internet browser and play from the web. It is hassle-free, and there is also a great way to play if the internet is fine. The odds feed also comes along with these integrations to help the players stay updated on the odds the games offer. Such a thoughtfully designed platform has, therefore, become a top choice for many casinos.

Talking of OS, the Inplay Matrix is available for Android OS, Apple OS, and Windows OS. It also includes all devices supporting Android, including smartphones and tablets. The other OS of Apple or IOS can be compatible with all Apple devices like MAC, Macbook, iPad, and iPhone to be precise.


Pros / Cons
  • High Esports Betting Odds
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Wide Range Of Esports Betting
  • Support Foreign Currencies and Languages
  • Slightly Slow Loading Time


Final Verdict

Inplay Matrix or IM Esports is one of a kind esports betting platform in Asia. The platform provides many of the above benefits and features to its honourable players and new players. BK8 has provided sports betting to the players but this is definitely a new experience to the players as IM Esports features more than 20 e-gaming betting selections for the players. 

In addition, the platform’s layout is absolutely the trendiest and extremely easy to navigate. Not to mention its security, the platform also provides great customer service to assist the players at any time of the day and night. We strongly believe that IM Esports is one of the best esports betting platforms that you must enjoy playing with.


Last Update: 27 July 2022

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